Jack’s on Glenfern offers fine service, a comprehensive a la carte menu designed by our highly qualified chef, complemented by a well-stocked bar. Our Specials Board offers a selection of chef’s choices, and changes daily. Dinner is available on 7 evenings a week, and luncheon on Tuesdays to Fridays, and on Sunday. Seniors meals are also available and special deals are in place for children (see main menu)


  • Dinner:   Tuesday to Sunday – 6.00pm to 8.30 pm.
  • Lunch – Tuesday to Friday 12.00 to 2.00pm
  • Lunch – Sunday – 12.00 to 2.00 pm
  • Monday – CLOSED

Current Bistro Menu


Soup of the Day                                             $8.00

House Made with the freshest ingredients

Garlic and Cheese Bread                           $8.50

Oven toasted Ciabatta bread topped with rich garlic butter and cheese

Dip and Breads                                             $12.00

Dip served with toasted breads, grissini sticks and crackers

Seafood Sampler                                          $17.50

Fish, prawn twisters, crumbed prawns, calamari rings, prawn cracker served with garden salad and tartare sauce

Crumbed Calamari                                       $16.50

Crumbed calamari rings flash fried and served with aioli sauce and fresh lemon


Chefs Salad                                            $19.00

Shredded chicken breast dressed in tomato and citrus mayonnaise with a fresh salad of mixed leaves, capsicum, carrot, tomato, cubed cheddar cheese and bread croutons

Caesar Salad                                          $18.00

Romaine Cos lettuce dressed with garlic croutons, parmesan cheese, crisp bacon and poached egg – Served with or without anchovy

With Chicken    add     $4.00

Calamari Salad                                    $23.00

Salt and pepper calamari tossed throughout a salad of roasted pumpkin, sun-dried tomato and mixed leaf lettuce, pumpkin seeds, capsicum dressing and fresh lemon

Pepper Beef Salad                              $26.00

Grilled Beef fillets, rolled in cracked peppercorn and served on garden salad with crunchy noodles and Perri Perri dressing

Garden Salad                                        $15.00

Salad leaves, tomato capsicum, cucumber, carrot and tomato with tangy ranch dressing

Children’s Menu

Children’s meals up to 12 years old, includes a serve of Ice Cream and glass of soft drink

Fish and chips                                               $9.00

Cheese Burger                                               $9.00

Roast of the Day                                            $9.00

Nuggets and Chips                                        $9.00

Seniors Menu


2 Course                        $14.00

Soup & Main or Main & Dessert

3 Course                        $17.00


2 Course                        $16.00

Soup & Main or Main & Dessert

3 Course                        $19.00

Chicken Boscaiola

Chicken tenderloins cooked in mushroom bacon and cream sauce Bangers & Mash

Grilled sausages served on creamy mashed potato with onion gravy and green peas

Salmon Patties

Crumbed salmon patties served with chips, poached egg and fresh lemon

Beer Battered Barramundi

Traditional beer battered fried fish with chips, salad, pickled onions, and tartare sauce

Chicken Schnitzel

Crumbed chicken breast, cooked with golden chips, salad and gravy

Lamb Shank

Slow cooked Lamb shank (1) in a rich gravy, served with creamy mashed potato and greens peas

Roast of the Day

Penne Carbonara

Tasty bacon pieces cooked in a cream sauce with penne pasta noodles and thickened with parmesan cheese and fresh egg

Seniors Rump Steak add $1.00

Steak cooked to your liking with chips, salad and your choice of sauce

Chicken Parmagiana add $1.00

Crumbed Chicken breast topped with Ham, Napoli sauce and cheese served with salad and chips

Food Allergies: Please be aware that whilst all care is taken when catering for special requirements, within the premises our staff handle seafood, seeds, nuts, wheat flour, eggs, meat, funghi and dairy products. To the best of our ability customer requests will be catered for, but the decision to consume a meal is the responsibility of the diner

Pasta & Risotto

Penne Marinara                              $25.00

Tender seafood pieces cooked in a tomato, basil and red wine sauce and a splash of fresh cream with shaved parmesan

Chicken & Mushroom Boscaiola Risotto                                             $24.00

Chicken breast fillet cooked with bacon and mushrooms with Arborio rice and a white wine and cream sauce finished with Basil oil and shaved parmesan cheese

Pumpkin Risotto                           $21.00

Arborio rice cooked with pumpkin, spinach, fetta Cheese in a cream white wine sauce topped with fresh parmesan.


Our steaks are sourced from Australian cattle derived from British breeds and their crosses. The Cattle is raised on green grazing up to the last 120 days when it is purely fed on grain. Our Butchers operate a quality assurance program approved under section 10 of the Meat Industry Act 1993. Under supervision of our quality assurance officer, to ensure product of the highest quality standards only.

300g Porterhouse Steak                     $28.00

Grain fed and aged, known for its clean taste and even flavour a suburb cut of meat

400g Rump Steak                                  $27.00

Cut across the full face of the rump to ensure a tender yet flavour packed cut. A favourite cut of many

Mixed Grill                                               $32.00

200g Rump Steak served with, Bacon, Sausage, egg served with chips and salad

All steaks served with either chips and salad or seasonal vegetables and your choice of sauce: Mushroom Gravy, Pepper Sauce, Garlic Cream Sauce or Gravy


Bruschetta Chicken                             $24.50

Flat chicken steak oven baked and topped with fresh tomato, onion and basil, topped with grilled haloumi cheese and balsamic glaze served with steamed rice and fresh garden salad

Lamb Shanks                                        $28.00

Slow cooked Lamb shanks (2) in a rich gravy, served with roasted pumpkin, creamy mashed potato and green peas

Chicken Schnitzel                                $23.00

Hand Crumbed Chicken breast fillet coated in Panko crumb, cooked on a flat grill, served with salad and chips

Chicken Parmagiana                          $25.00

Crumbed chicken breast topped with ham, napoli sauce and cheese served with salad and chips

Sweet Chilli Pork Chops                     $26.00

Grilled pork chops topped with a sweet chilli gravy, served on a bed of roasted vegetables and broccoli florets

Tavern Style Beer Battered Fish and Chips                                                                                                       $25.00

Beer battered fish fillets deep fried, served with chips, tartare sauce, lemon wedge, pickled onions and garden salad

Beef Olives                                                $26.50

Slow cooked beef fillets with mustard, mushroom, parsley, fresh breadcrumbs and cooked in a red wine Tarragon cream sauce served with mashed potato and steamed vegetable

Roast of Day                                             $21.00

See Specials Board for today’s roast served with seasonal vegetables


Chick Pea Curry                                      $22.00

Slow cooked Chickpeas in a coconut curry with steamed rice, yoghurt raita and salsa

Saganaki                                                    $25.00

Grilled Kefalograviera Cheese served with fresh lemon, olive oil and garden salad

Mushroom Risotto                                $24.00

A rich confit of Arborio rice, sautéed mushrooms and a cream based sauce served with parmesan cheese


Bowls of Chips                      $7.00

Bowl of Vegetables              $7.00

Garden Salad                        $7.00


Please see our daily Specials Board