The Club offers Coaching services to all Members. New members, particularly those who have not bowled before, will be offered coaching upon acceptance of their Membership.

The club has appointed joint coaches for the coming 2016 Summer Pennant Season.

They are Simon Jeffery and Jason Saunders.

Simon Jeffery started bowling in 2005 and has bowled for Ferntree Gully for 2 years. He has bowled for Melbourne for 9 years and has been twice been a premiership bowler for Melbourne in the Premier Division. He has represented the Group 5 times, won State Fours twice and several Group Finals.

Jason Saunders began bowling in 2000 and has bowled for Richmond Union and Melbourne. He has been a Premiership Bowler for Melbourne in the Premier Division and Represented the Group five times, won several Group Finals, been runner up in Masters and Victorian Singles and won Club Singles at both Richmond Union and Melbourne.

Our coaches are also happy to make themselves available to all other Members who may just want to get that annoying glitch out of their game!

2017 – 2018 Coaches are:

  • Glenice Sabell
  • Gail Bowen
  • Bob Selvey
  • Les Stephens
  • Judy Tournier
  • Warren Spence
  • Terry Poole
  • Alina Rosczcyk
  • Keith Sheldon-Collins
  • Marg Robbins
  • Mick Wakefield

The Coach’s Box

A regular feature containing tips and suggestions from the Club’s coaches listed above as well as from other sources, which will be properly cited. Coaches Box for the next few weeks comprises a series of training and other videos which can be accessed by clicking in the “VIDEO” text below. “Full Screen” capability is also available.


The Club is fortunate to have a number of Nationally Accredited  Umpires whose task it is to adjudicate in matters relating to the playing of the game of bowls, both in accordance with the Rules, and in keeping with the spirit of the game. This is not an easy position to gain; it involves some three months of study, and a number of workshops, and there is a stringent examination at the conclusion. Nevertheless, for those wishing to extend their involvement in the sport, becoming an Umpire can be a rewarding experience. Those interested should make enquiry of our existing Umpires, or go to the Bowls Australia website, a link to which will be found on the Info page. Our Umpires are :  Julie Van, Cyd Bell, Gill Tasker, Bob Selvey, Keith Sheldon-Collins, Graham Trinnick and Glenice Sabell. Peter Bowen is also registered as an official “Measurer”, but will be unavailable for some time.


Here is a useful video for those contemplating purchasing new bowls. At the end of the video there are another nine to choose from.