Club Championships

Club Championships Schedule 2015/16

Men’s Events start at 9.30 am; Women’s events at 10.00. Bowling attire to be worn on opening days, and for the finals for Men’s events, and at all times for Ladies.

Barry Plant Ladies Singles: 2015/16

Only ten (10) ladies put their hand up for this year’s Championship. I will say no more.

  • Early Rounds:
  • Pat O’Brien vs Bye
  • Blanche Williams vs Bye
  • Yvonne baxter vs Bye
  • Frances Brown def by Hedi Boettcher – 25-18
  • Julie Van def Wendy Ford 25-22
  • Gail Bowen vs Bye
  • Jenny Jennings vs Bye
  • Gill Tasker vs Bye

Second Round (Quarter Finals)

  • Pat O’Brien def Blanche Williams – 25-17
  • Yvonne Baxter def Hedi Boettcher – 25-19
  • Julie Van def Gail Bowen – 25-22
  • Gill Tasker def Jenny Jennings – 25-12.

Semi Finals.

  • Pat O’Brien def by Yvonne Baxter 25-23
  • Julie Van def Gill Tasker 25-14

FINAL won by Julie Van over Yvonne Baxter 26-16. See main report under “News”.

Barry Plant Men’s Singles 2015/16

The Men’s Singles Tournament has almost reached the Quarter Finals stage. Results of prior matches, including some surprises, which always feature in our Singles tournament, can be obtained by clicking on the link above.

Quarter Final Matches

  • E O’Brien def G Senn 25-21
  • J Krstev def by J Sartori
  • D Barclay def by G Rodwell 25-17
  • D Carroll def by F Mohren .

SEMI FINALS: The semi finals will be played between -:

  • J Sartori def E. O’Brien (no scores)
  • G Rodwell def F Mohren (W/O)

FINAL – Final won by John Sartori over Geoff Rodwell 25-15. See main report under “News”.

Ferntree Gully Nissan Ladies Pairs 2015/16

Insufficient participants to include in spreadsheet format, as Round 1 was, in effect, the Quarter Finals.

  • Pat O’Brien/Heather Padgham def Frances Brown/Dot Miller – 29-15
  • Gail Bowen/Maureen Milburn def Maggie Thockloth/Yvonne Baxter – 25-8
  • Gill Tasker/Julie Van def Maureen McKenna/ Louse Sheldon-Collins – 21-11
  • Jeanette Bell/Helen De Young def Merrelyn Selvey/ Bev rae – 18-15.


  • P O’Brien/Heather Padghan def by G Bowen/M Milburn 19-13
  • G Tasker/J Van def J Bell/H De Young 21-14l

FINAL:  Played between G Bowen & M Milburn and G Tasker and J Van. The Final was won by Gail Bowen and Maureen Milburn 24-8. Congratulations.

Ferntree Gully Nissan MENS PAIRS 2015/16

Early rounds of the Pairs Championship have been played with a good number of Members participating. Results of early rounds can be viewed on the spreadsheet by clicking on the link above, and the tournament is awaiting two games before progressing to the quarter final stage. The matches that are known are shown below (skips only named.)


  • J Sartori def by  G Lewer 17-13
  • G White def by G Senn 13-12
  • T Poole def K Kirby 24-6
  • P Vernon def E O’Brien. (no scores.


  • G Lewer def by T Poole 12-20
  • G Senn def by P Vernon 18-17. Extra end was required in a most exciting match.

FINAL –  played between T Poole and P Vernon. Final was won comfortably by Peter Vernon and David Barclay. Congratulations to them. (No scores available)

Harvey World Travel  Mens Triples 2015/16

QUARTER FINALS: (Skips only named).

  • Dennis Downes def by Paul Wootten – 19/10
  • John Sartori def by Fred Mohren – 23-4
  • Bob Bromage def Ted Crawford – 20-11
  • Geoff Rodwell def Mick Hallier – 14-13.


  • Paul Wootten def by Fred Mohren 17-10
  • Bob Bromage def by Geoff Rodwell 17-18

FINAL won by Fred Mohren (S), Gary Senn (2nd) and Ted Nicholas (L) 13-8. Congratulations gentlemen.

Harvey World Travel Ladies Triples. 2015/16

Four teams were submitted for this tournament, and so we move directly into the semi-finals.

SEMI FINALS – 1. Bev Rae, Heather Padgham and Yvonne Baxter were defeated by  Julie Van, Louise Sheldon-Collins, Hedi Boettcher. (no scores available)

2. Gail  Bowen, Maureen Milburn, Gill Tasker defeated Jeanette Bell, Robyn Coleman, Helen de Young. No scores to hand.

FINAL – was played between Gail, Maureen and Gill, against Julie, Louise and Hedi. The match was won by Gail Bowen, Maureen Milburn and Gill Tasker, but no scores are to hand. Congratulations, ladies.


Early Rounds (Skips only named)

  • P Whitley def G Behm 21-12
  • T Crawford def P Vernon 25-10
  • G Senn def R White 19-12
  • P Wootten def J Sartori 15-14


  • P Whitley def T Crawford 16-11
  • G Senn def P Wootten (no scores)

FINAL  In the final, Gary Senn, Terry Poole, Graham White and Ted Nicholas were victorious over Phil Whitley, Travis Chalwell, Charles Gili and Bob Bromage 27-8. Congratulations to Gary and his team.


Twelve members turned up for the opening rounds of the Men’s Minor Championship, on Sunday 24th January, which means we are already into the Quarter Finals. I will not therefore use the spreadsheet format.


  • C Falconer vs Bye
  • W Spence vs Bye
  • M Raisbeck def R White
  • G Trinnick def R Coleman
  • R Austin def B Kirby
  • B Ford def J Ford
  • G Baxter vs Bye
  • L Rutter vs Bye


  • W Spence def C Falconer
  • M Raisbeck def by y G Trinnick
  • R Austin def by B Ford
  • L Rutter def G Baxter.


  • Warren Spence defeated Graham Trinnick
  • Bob Ford def Laurie Rutter. (no scores to hand)

FINAL: to be played between Warren Spence and Bob Ford. Won by Bob Ford 25-22. Congratulations, Bob.


Only seven (7) ladies presented for this Championship..


  • Hedi Boettcher def Frances Brown 21-7
  • Robyn Coleman def Louise Sheldon-Collins (no scores)
  • Jenny Jennings def by Merelyn Selvey 3-21
  • Yvonne Baxter – Bye.

SEMI FINALS to be played between Hedi Boettcher and Robyn Coleman and Merelyn Selvey and Yvonne Baxter. First semi-final won by Hedi Boettcher – no scores to hand. Second semi-final won by Merelyn Selvey over Yvonne Baxter.

FINAL –  played between Merelyn Selvey and Hedi Boettcher, and was won by Hedi Boettcher 21-9. Congratulations Hedi..

Proclamation Mixed Pairs 2015/16

On a warmish Sunday morning, the 17th January, a good number of members turned up to start off this year’s Proclamation Pairs tournament.. Results of the early rounds may be found on the spreadsheet by clicking on the link above.


  • Fred Mohren and Helen De Young def Greg and Yvonne Baxter
  • John & Maria Sartori def Gail Bowen & Brian Raisbeck


Played between John & Maria Sartori and Fred Mohren & Helen De Young, and won by John & Maria Sartori. No scores available, but congratulations to John & Maria.

Allison Monkhouse Ladies Fours:2015/16

Only four teams presented for this year’s Fours championship. Straight into the semi-finals.

Skips only named.

  • G Bowen (S) M Milburn, G Tasker, J Van def J Bell(S), M McKenna, R Coleman, H De Young. – 20-11
  • M Thockloth(S), B Rae, Y Baxter, H Padgham def F Brown,(S), B Williams, J Hodgson, J jennings – 18-17.

FINAL was won by Gail Bowen (S), Maureen Milburn (3rd), Julie Van (2nd) and Gill Tasker. No scores are to hand, but congratulations ladies.

Mens Presidents Handicap 2015/16

Early rounds can be viewed on the spreadsheet accessible by the link above. Into the Quarter Final stage, and only John Garner is left to fly the flag for the low handicappers. Quarter finals are -:

  • Eddie O’Brien defeated John Garner
  • Daniel Carroll defeated Fred Mohren
  • Gary Senn defeated  Travis Chalwell
  • Phil Whitley defeated Bob Ford


  • Daniel Carroll defeated Eddie O’Brien
  • Gary Senn defeated Phil Whitley

FINAL: The final was played between Gary Senn and Daniel Carroll and was won by Gary Senn. No scores are to hand, but congratulations go to Gary.

Ladies Presidents Handicap.2015/16

Initial rounds have been played, and results will be found in the spreadsheet accessed from the link above. The quarter finals will be played between the following (handicaps in brackets).

  • Helen De Young (-20) def by Yvonne Baxter (-5)
  • Hedi Boettcher (-15) def Jeanette Bell (-15)
  • Gail Bowen (-20) to play Dot Miller (-10)
  • Maggie Thockloth (-15) def Julie Van (-20)

(No scores to hand)


  • Hedi Boettcher def Yvonne Baxter
  • Gail Bowen def Dot Miller (w/o)

FINAL – Gail Bowen to play Hedi Boettcher. In the final, Gail was victorious over Hedi by 102 points to 73. Congratulations to Gail.